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Global Economy

Concrete danger justifies cancellation of the trip

The law seems clear in such cases. The German Civil Code states: Package travelers can withdraw before the start of the trip....

Global Economy

Outgrowth of the real estate boom: why the parental home is becoming too expensive for many heirs

Real estate prices continue to rise, especially in large cities., Due to the development, inheriting the parental home is also becoming a...

Global Economy

Between Corona and Ukraine

Lively life in the pedestrian zone, full shops: still nowhere to be found. Sure, the storm put many off shopping, but the...


Developers Integrate Uniswap Contracts on Bitcoin as BRC-20 Tokens Gain Traction

Expanding Bitcoin’s Use Cases: The Trustless Market developers aim to enhance Bitcoin’s functionality beyond being a mere currency. By introducing Uniswap’s smart...

How green ammonia is made from sea currents

In the north of Scotland, between the Orkney Islands, lies the islanders' latest achievement in the rough seas. A high-tech device that...