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Global Economy

Electricity price explosion in Germany: is the coal and nuclear phase-out to blame?

Electricity prices are currently at record levels., Could the phase-out of nuclear and coal play a role in this?, An ecologist and...


Oscar winner Javier Bardem took to the streets for Ukraine!

Javier Bardem, 52, won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2000 for the movie Before Night Falls. The actor, who plays Pablo...

Global Economy

Start-ups as a hope for retail

David Eisenbeis founded the "alocalo" platform with students and a professor from the Saar University of Applied Sciences. The young company wants...


The chemistry of fireworks

Why are the rockets taking off? Inside the rocket is black powder, which is a mixture of a fuel, such as charcoal...

Global Economy

Elon Musk backs out: Twitter deal over $ 44 billion failed

Elon Musk has announced that he is withdrawing from a proposed $44 billion takeover of Twitter. According to a statement by the...