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Exploring Europe with an Electric VW ID Buzz Van

Experience the future of #vanlife with the all-electric VW ID Buzz. This green vehicle doubles as a campervan and workspace, paving the way for digital nomads in the era of eco-friendly travel.

Two people and a beagle named Hank recently embarked on a 2,000-mile journey across Europe in the all-electric VW ID Buzz equipped with a Ququq camping box, offering a glimpse into the future of electric #vanlife. The news generated particular interest from a writer who had been both a longtime Volkswagen van enthusiast and a cautious observer of the electric vehicle scene.

All-Electric VW ID Buzz Sparks Interest

While the idea of electric vehicles has intrigued many, the commitment to transition hasn’t been universal. The writer confessed to being aware of only a few models from Tesla, Ford, and Rivian. But the introduction of the all-electric VW ID Buzz, now on European roads, captured his attention and curiosity.

VW ID Buzz and Ququq BusBox-4: The Electric Campervan Solution

Despite being initially disappointed to learn that the VW ID Buzz would not be available in a campervan variant until 2025 or later, the writer’s interest was rekindled upon discovering the Ququq BusBox-4 camping box. This aftermarket addition, priced at around $3,000, could transform the ID Buzz passenger or cargo vans into a two-person camper within minutes.

Testing the VW ID Buzz for Van Life and Remote Work

The writer, his wife, and their dog set out on a nearly 2,000-mile round trip across Europe to test whether the ID Buzz, when equipped with the Ququq BusBox-4, could serve as an electric campervan and support remote work for an extended period. The two-week journey from Amsterdam to Milan involved working, sleeping, and eating exclusively from the van.

Lessons from the Journey: The Dawn of E-Vanlife

The trip provided the writer, a first-time EV driver and prospective digital nomad, with several insights. He viewed the experience as a glimpse into the emerging era of electric van life, with the VW ID Buzz as a harbinger of things to come.

The VW ID Buzz: More Than Just a Vehicle Review

This article is not merely a review of the VW ID Buzz as an electric vehicle, but an exploration of its potential as a multi-purpose campervan. A standout feature was an optional DC-to-AC inverter that provided a 230V power socket under the front passenger seat.

The Heritage and Promise of the VW ID Buzz

Built on the same MEB platform as the VW ID.3, the ID Buzz follows the evolutionary trajectory of the original VW Type 2 Microbus. Its lineage gives the writer confidence that it is more than just a nostalgic offering. The ID Buzz Max Edition used for the journey was priced at about $88,000.

Public Reception and Drive Experience

People responded warmly to the ID Buzz, engaging with the writer at charging stations and expressing approval on the road. Its low center of gravity, optional 21-inch wheels, and rear-wheel drive contributed to an enjoyable driving experience. The vehicle’s tight turning radius was especially handy in narrow Italian streets.

Infotainment System: Room for Improvement

Critics agreed that the vehicle’s infotainment system was underpowered and confusing, with different input methods leading to occasional confusion. For instance, the hazard lights button, which was touch-sensitive, was inadvertently triggered multiple times.

Battery Capacity Considerations

Viewing the ID Buzz as a large power plant on wheels, the writer points out that the van’s maximum battery capacity is only 82kWh, with only 77kWh usable. This capacity is relatively small considering the van’s size, and is on par with smaller models like the VW ID.4 and ID.5


The all-electric VW ID Buzz, when equipped with a Ququq BusBox-4 camping box, was tested as a functional campervan and remote workspace during a 2,000-mile journey across Europe, revealing its potential in the evolving space of electric van life.

Despite some initial disappointment over the lack of a campervan variant in the ID Buzz range, the aftermarket Ququq BusBox-4 provided a viable solution, transforming the vehicle into a two-person camper within minutes and at a fraction of the cost.

While the ID Buzz received positive public reception and offered an enjoyable driving experience, it’s worth noting that the infotainment system had room for improvement and the battery capacity could be considered small given the size of the vehicle.

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