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After praising nearly novice manufacturers in recent quarters (like a $100 billion Rivian selling just a few vehicles, with less than a million total turnovers), investors seem to have realized that traditional manufacturers may have some strengths. make …

The main players in the industry, which have survived and thrived through several turbulent decades (where less recalcitrant groups disappeared or were acquired), nonetheless have production, supply and distribution networks that are difficult to recreate from day to day. the next day, a global expertise of what rolls (of which motorization is only one component) and finally technical and financial resources, not to mention, not to mention, but yes, a certain brand image: there aren’t enough guns to allow them to be ignored in a market in transition to electric motorisation. to go back?

Strong demand has arisen for the F-150 “Lightning”, an all-electric version of Ford’s rough pickup (launched in 1948, now in its fourteenth generation and dominating the North’s best-selling podiums for decades). America) shows that the Dearborn manufacturer isn’t ready to put cars aside. And it’s worth re-discovering in the stock market: Last year, Ford posted the fifth-highest gain of the S&P 500 (+137% in 2021), outperforming brands like Nvidia or Moderna. And as its rally rose 6.6% to $23.20, at the start of the session on Wall Street on Tuesday, the group announced a doubling of production capacities to meet “unprecedented” demand for its first deliveries of the F-150 Lightning. which originates in the spring.

Already 200,000 reservations

Concretely, Ford, which increased its annual production target from 40,000 to 80,000 in September, states that demand continues to increase, now aiming to produce up to 150,000 F-150s per year. “America wants an all-electric Ford F-150 and we’re considering giving it to them,” said Jim Farly, the group’s CEO.

Ford was quick to point out that Lightning is attracting other brand owners (other than new brands by definition) at an unprecedented rate in the country, with more than 75% of bookings coming from people who don’t own a Ford vehicle in Turkey. country. ‘real clock. Production will begin in the spring, allowing early customers to acquire a vehicle with a list price of $39,974 before any subsidies.

Ford, which was at a two-year high in the stock market, has seen its capital rise to $85 billion – lower than Rivian’s, which is still at 92 billion. Untouchable at this point, Tesla is valued at more than $1.1 trillion.

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