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Renault is well positioned in electric car sales

Matthias Walkner (born 1 September 1986) is an Austrian rally raid biker and former motocross rider, official driver of the team Red Bull KTM Factory for the Dakar Rally

The electric car adventure, which started with Tesla, has reached a much more advanced level every year. Now Renault is making a name for itself in the industry. In November 2021, the company sold 13476 electric sedans and commercial cars.

Worldwide, Renault had reached the level of 11.5 percent in passenger cars. In commercial automobile sales, this figure rose to 4.8 percent. This category of electric cars is very popular in the European market. The European Union is already banning gasoline cars completely in the coming years.

While Renault broke records in electric vehicle sales, based models are more preferred. For example, last month the company managed to sell around 9400 ZOEs and around 3100 Twingo Z.E. Also, minibus and some new sedan models were sold. The company will occupy a more important position in the electric automotive industry in the coming years.

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