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Tesla: Model S update finally rolling out in real life, what’s new?

Just 6 months ago, Tesla presented us with a brand new version of the Model S, including a brand new interior. A big surprise today: Other updates have been announced, with new headlights and a slightly modified rear end for a simpler look and design.

What does the new Model S look like?

The first images appear on Twitter thanks to a post by Michael Hsu shared by Sawyer Merritt, TwinBirchUSA co-founder. At first glance, Tesla’s Model S doesn’t seem to have received many changes. Still, new technologies were added.

The electric sedan is equipped with new LED headlights with matrix projectors, as in the Model 3 and Model Y. This matrix system is a technology that allows driving with large headlights on without dazzling oncoming vehicles.

On top of that, and arguably the most important new feature, the Model S is now equipped with a CCS2 charging port to accommodate international markets. You should know that the Model S is being introduced to the international market for the first time outside of Canada.

Tesla also took the opportunity to explain some updates to the Model X, and we noticed that it gets the same CCS charging port. Indeed, the Model S and Model X should be the two new models Tesla will offer internationally, hence this adaptation.

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