Thursday , 30 November 2023


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Ferrari’s Next-Generation Flagship Hypercar, F250, Spotted Testing

Ferrari is preparing to unveil its highly anticipated next-generation flagship road car, codenamed F250, which will...


Exploring Europe with an Electric VW ID Buzz Van

Two people and a beagle named Hank recently embarked on a 2,000-mile journey across Europe in...


Tesla Implements Traditional Automaker Strategy with Discounts

Tesla, the pioneering electric vehicle manufacturer, has begun offering discounts on its older models. This is...


ID. Buzz: Volkswagen’s electric van shown in photos, videos and all in color

The vehicle must be presented to the general public on March 9. A multicolored van will...

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Daymak Spiritus, the crypto-mining car when not driving, appeared on the road

The first video was released in October and shows the Spirits light vehicle in production as...


Volkswagen: Twice as many electric vehicles delivered in 2021

Volkswagen is twice as electrified in 2021 as in 2020 In 2021, Volkswagen delivered around 4.9...

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Electric vehicle sales increased by 160% in China

According to the news of the Shinhua Agency, based on the data of the China Automobile...


Tesla: Model S update finally rolling out in real life, what’s new?

Just 6 months ago, Tesla presented us with a brand new version of the Model S,...

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The rich buy more Rolls-Royces than ever before – “because life is short”

Here’s why Rolls-Royce sold a whopping 49 percent more cars in 2021 than the previous year....

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The Autofestival in the face of the pandemic and the deadlines

Persistent Covid pandemic, shortage of microprocessors … The 58th Autofestival will again be held under special...