Thursday , 30 November 2023


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AMC shares soar as judge rejects APE deal in surprise ruling

Shares in AMC Entertainment Holdings surged on Tuesday, after a judge denied the company’s partnership deal...


Anticipation for Apple’s VR Headset Release Boosts VR Crypto Tokens

Apple Shares and VR Tokens Parallel Rise Apple’s share price has risen by 7.4% over the...

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Worldcoin Secures $115 Million Series C Funding Amid Cryptocurrency Market Downturn

Tools for Humanity, the masterminds behind the Worldcoin project, have announced a $115 million boost from...


U.S. Job Market Outperforms Expectations with 253K New Jobs in April; Bitcoin Suffers Slight Decline

The United States witnessed a robust addition of 253,000 jobs in April, surpassing economists' predictions for...


Bitcoin and Ethereum up 8%: how high will they go this weekend?

Bitcoin (BTC), the world's largest and most popular cryptocurrency, further extends its strong streak of gains...


Top 3 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Price Isn't Crashing Despite Genesis Bankruptcy

Genesis, one of the biggest companies in the bitcoin and crypto industry, announced this morning that...


Federal prosecutors seize $700 million in assets from Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX)

Federal authorities confiscated assets worth approximately $700 million belonging to FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, including three...


PyratzLabs opens the Blockchain Business School (BBS), the school that trains the Web3 leaders of tomorrow

After a successful year and several success stories to its credit, the Web 3 startup studio...


Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Predictions: How High Can They Go?

On January 22, major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are on the rise, having jumped...


Brett Harrison successfully raises funds for his new platform via Coinbase and Circle

Brett Harrison, former president of FTX US, successfully raised funds from top cryptocurrency investors such as...