Thursday , 30 November 2023

Global Economy

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Global Economy

Spotlight on 2023: S&P 500 and the Significance of the 4400 Level

In our past exploration of the financial landscape of 2023, we delved into an in-depth forecast...

Global Economy

AI and Data Analytics Drive Efficiency in Money Laundering Detection

BIS Innovation Hub Turns to Tech for Money Laundering Detection The BIS Innovation Hub has discovered...

Global Economy

Russell 2000 Gains Momentum as Tech Stocks Outperform Value

Tech stocks have dominated the equity markets in recent months, surpassing value stocks due to recession...

Global Economy

Crypto Exchange Bybit Announces Exit from Canadian Market Amid Regulatory Changes

Regulatory Shifts Prompt Bybit's Strategic Withdrawal from Canadian Crypto Market

Global Economy

‘Magnificent Seven’ Tech Giants Bolster NASDAQ amid AI Investment Frenzy

Tech Titans Dominate: AI Investment Boom Fuels Market Rally Led by 'Magnificent Seven'

Global Economy

Markets May Benefit from U.S. Recession, Suggests Top Strategist

Michael Yoshikami, CEO of Destination Wealth Management, recently suggested that an economic recession could help prevent...

Global Economy

Inflation Rises in April, Implications for Fed’s Interest Rates

Inflation rose 0.4% in April and 4.7% from a year ago, according to a key gauge...

Global EconomyTechnology

Nvidia’s Financial Forecast Sparks Interest in AI among Bitcoin Miners

Nvidia's strong financial forecast, largely credited to increased demand for AI-powered hardware, caused a buzz on...

Global Economy

Embracing Cryptocurrency: An Imperative for Financial Advisors in a Future-Forward Landscape

The general sentiment towards cryptocurrencies has seen a downturn in the past year, causing financial advisors...

Global Economy

Bitmain Invests $5M in Metalpha’s Grayscale-Based Fund, Aims for $100M Target

Metalpha’s Next Generation Fund I: Aiming High for Digital Assets Metalpha is currently on a mission...