Thursday , 30 November 2023


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Apple’s App Store Achieves $1.1 Trillion in Total Billings and Sales in 2022

Over 90 Percent of Billings and Sales Benefitted Developers More than 90 percent of the generated...


Tech Sector Grapples with Rising Interest Rates

Changing Economic Climate and the Tech Sector The tech industry’s recent unease is due to the...

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Nvidia’s Financial Forecast Sparks Interest in AI among Bitcoin Miners

Nvidia's strong financial forecast, largely credited to increased demand for AI-powered hardware, caused a buzz on...


Urbit, an Older and Quirky Peer-to-Peer Network, Shifts Focus Towards Growth

Urbit’s Mission Urbit seeks to provide a generalized and user-controlled internet experience. The project challenges the...


Developers Integrate Uniswap Contracts on Bitcoin as BRC-20 Tokens Gain Traction

Expanding Bitcoin’s Use Cases: The Trustless Market developers aim to enhance Bitcoin’s functionality beyond being a...


Uniswap Community Considers Proposal to Enable Liquidity Pool Fees and Reward Token Holders

Monetizing Uniswap’s Platform: Enabling fees on Uniswap’s version-three (v3) liquidity pools and all version-two (v2) pools...


Threshold Network Collaborates with Wormhole to Enable Bitcoin Bridging Across 20 Blockchains

tBTC and the Benefits of Wormhole Integration: tBTC serves as a tokenized representation of Bitcoin, allowing...


Lido Community Considers On-Chain Vote to Launch Version 2 on Ethereum

Key Features of Lido Version 2 on Ethereum: Lido’s Twitter account refers to version 2 as...


"Rama" is the sham of the year

The Hamburg consumer advice center has announced the winner of the negative prize "Deceptive Packaging of...


Springer wants to give up printed newspapers

A large part of Axel Springer's income already comes from the digital business. The head of...