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Meta Masters Guild Presale Exceeds $1 Million – Price Expected to Rise 30% Today

Disclaimer: The "Industry Talk" section features the views of cryptocurrency industry experts and is not part of editorial content.

Monday, January 23, 2023 – Meta Masters Guild, poised to become the hottest play-to-earn gaming platform of the year, has raised over $1,054,000 million from investors in less than two weeks.

Phase 2 of the seven-step presale is due to end in six days, but is likely to end in the next few hours.

When fundraising hits the $1,120,000 mark, $MEMAG will enter phase 3. The price of the token will then jump 30% from $0.01000 currently to $0.01300.

Invest today to benefit from a 129% price increase at the end of the presale

In total, the presale has seven stages. When the presale reaches its final stage, the price of $MEMAG will be $0.02300, a 129% premium to the current bid price.

The project has set itself the relatively modest goal of raising $4.97 million in order to complete its roadmap. So investors don't have to worry about over-promises and failed execution.

As there is no time to lose, potential investors will have to hurry to get to the heart of this new gaming project.

The Meta Masters Guild is taking a big step towards creating the most sustainable cryptocurrency in the industry.

The Meta Masters Guild crdo: A sustainable game, not a boring game to earn money

There is no doubt that P2E has been one of the revolutionary applications of cryptographic technology. Its ability to impose itself has been demonstrated, as evidenced by the initial success of Axie Infinity, for example.

But this success was not sustainable because of the way P2E was implemented. It emphasized earning income by completing repetitive and boring in-game tasks rather than fun gameplay.

Meta Masters Guild breaks away from all of that with a focus on enjoyable and engaging gameplay.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, analysts believe that Meta Masters Guild has the potential to become the fastest growing play-to-earn cryptocurrency this year, with a potential of x10.

The goal of any gaming company is to create products that are enjoyable to play, so that users will come back for more.

Meta Masters Guild believes that games need enjoyable engagement to go viral and achieve commercial success

It is the addictive engagement that ensures virality, not the amount of money one can earn playing a game.

Meta Masters Guild distributes rewards to players in-game, but it does so by adopting a play and earn approach.

The idea may seem obvious and simple, but the cryptocurrency gaming industry has yet to embrace the “play-and-earn” principle, until now.

Meta Masters Guild aims to surpass the early achievements of Axie Infinity by creating a model and platform that aims for long-term growth.

The team avoids the short-termism of business models that might attract speculators looking to make a quick buck, but who have no loyalty or membership in the games.

To achieve this goal, the first game of the project, Meta Kart Racers, will be the blier.

Meta Kart Racers could become the most played cryptocurrency game in 2023 and beyond

Meta Kart will be free to play and will include a range of play and earning options.

The game will be launched on mobile platforms as part of the plan to become the world's largest mobile-focused cryptocurrency casual gaming platform. There will also be a browser version.

In the P2E mode, players can earn GEMS through their in-game activity and also earn rare NFTs.

To start playing Meta Kart, users simply select their favorite drivers and karts, then choose one of the many race tracks.

Play solo in arcade mode or test your skills in PVP (player versus player) competitions.

Players can use GEMS or MEMAG tokens to purchase and upgrade their drivers and karts available in the Meta Masters Guild store.

You can also play and win in arcade mode to earn rare NFTs. Meta Masters Guild NFTs are playable in-game characters once purchased and are rendered in 3D.

Meta Masters Guild chose this particular format after research showed it to be a very popular and growing area of the gaming industry. In the racing games segment, the total revenue generated was $2.68 billion in 2022, according to Statista data.

The thrill of racing games is a far cry from the boredom of poorly implemented P2E farming formats.

Meta Masters Guild has world-class partners in blockchain technology and game development

The Meta Kart game is already at an advanced stage of development in the capable hands of the game studio Gamearound.

Other partners include blockchain development firm RWaltz, whose product development encompasses work with the Probit exchange, 100XCoin, and BTC Bizarre.

Gamearound recently developed a game for billionaire fashion retailer Boohoo.

Meta Masters Guild has two more games in the works, both in concept stage.

Meta Masters World is a building, exploring and conquering mobile game created by Gamearound.

The third game to begin development soon is Raid NFT.

Anyone with a cryptocurrency portfolio can invest in $MEMAG

Early investors in Meta Masters Guild's decentralized web3 gaming proposition are poised to realize substantial returns on investment in the fastest growing sector of the global entertainment industry.

The Meta Masters Guild presale is open to all members of the public. Connect your crypto wallet such as Metamask or Trust Wallet to the website to buy $MEMAG with ETH or USDT.

Participate in the presale of MEMAG now

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