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Algeria supplies more gas to Italy

Algeria will supply Italy faster and with more gas than previously planned. This is a key point of the agreements reached in Algiers. Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi stressed that Algeria had become his country's most important gas supplier in recent months.

As a result of the contracts that have now been signed, Italy will receive four billion cubic meters more gas from Algeria than previously planned by the winter. This is more than a fifth of the amount that Italy has to offset due to the reduced supplies from Russia and is therefore an important step towards more energy security in the winter. In total, Italy now receives 21 billion cubic meters of gas from Algeria. Russia had delivered around 29 billion cubic meters to the country in 2021.

Cooperation in the development of oil fields

With the agreements that have now been concluded, Italy is building on traditionally good relations between the two countries. Algeria was already an important oil and gas supplier to Rome in the past. Italy's parastatal energy group ENI has been operating oil and gas fields in the North African country for decades.

With the agreements that have now been signed, Italy has also committed itself to helping Algiers develop further production fields. Gas from Algeria flows to Mazaro del Vallo in Sicily via the Transmed pipeline, which has existed since 1983.

Support for the energy transition

In addition to additional gas deliveries, both countries also agreed on help with the energy transition. Italy wants to support Algeria more in the future in order to generate solar and wind energy and to produce so-called green hydrogen. In addition, both countries want to work more closely together in expanding the "physical and digital infrastructure" and in promoting micro-enterprises and start-ups. Italy's Women and Family Minister Elena Bonetti was also part of the government delegation, she signed an agreement on more empowerment and protection for women.

Despite the current government crisis in Rome, Draghi absolutely wanted to continue the trip to Algeria – according to the Prime Minister, the signed agreements were too important for Italy, among other things for more energy security.

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