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Dream vacation on Ithaca despite the crisis: the hospitality industry wants to keep prices at the previous year's level

Vacationers on the Greek island of Ithaca should feel good, enjoy the peace and quiet and the deep, blue water. There are no noisy clubs here, no noisy bars like in other tourist strongholds, for example in the Cyclades.

The green island in the Ionian Sea pursues a different tourism model that is close to nature. After two complicated Corona years, a new season starts with new hopes.

"Without the war in Ukraine there would have been even more visitors"

Paola Siti, who runs a restaurant in the capital, Vathi, is cautiously optimistic. "The season has started very well. We should not forget that we have practically lost two summers due to the pandemic.

Had it not been for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we would have had even more visitors. Many people come to our island by ship from the Balkan countries. But we also have a lot of English, Americans and Italians."

Boat rental is booming: Holidays on the water instead of in a hotel

Sea tourism has increased significantly in recent years. There are currently 80 sailing boats in the harbor every day, and in August there will be three times as many. Holidays on the water instead of in a hotel is the new trend, says Giorgos Grivas, who runs a boat rental company.

"Ithaka is a beautiful island with a rich history, but many of the beautiful beaches are not accessible by car. That's why tourists choose to rent a small boat or yacht. That gave me and my partner the idea to go to investing in this sector and we're quite successful."

Ithaca is not only worth a visit in summer. Hikers enjoy nature in the off-season. There are also attractive infrastructures for conference organizers.

Rising energy prices are causing problems for the tourism industry

Despite the optimistic start to the season, the war in Ukraine and rising energy prices are affecting the tourism industry, confirms coffee operator Konstantinos Karavias.

"The increase in the price of fuel and many other products is a serious problem for holidaymakers, but also for businesses on our small island. We are faced with a dilemma. Should we absorb the increases or pass them on to our customers? And if so, what proportion? I think most business people are trying to absorb the increased costs."

Euronews reporter Apostolos Staikos says the island has never invested in mass tourism, but over the years has made loyal friends who return almost every summer. Despite rising costs, locals tried to keep prices at last year's levels.

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