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End of the obligation to wear masks also called for on trains

The federal government's plans for a temporary end to the corona mask requirement on airplanes are causing a stir. The lobby association Allianz pro Schiene is calling for the mask requirement to be abolished on trains as well. "The federal government urgently needs to find a uniform solution," said Managing Director Dirk Flege. "If the mask requirement on airplanes is lifted, the same must apply to all other public transport," said the association. It is illogical to abolish the obligation to wear masks on airplanes but to keep them on buses and trains.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach refused: "No, that's not an option," he said at a press conference in the Bundestag. The risk of infection is higher on buses and trains than on planes because they have air filter systems, he said. In addition, many more people would be traveling in public transport than in airplanes. If the number of corona cases increases again in autumn, the government could reintroduce the obligation to wear masks on planes by decree.

The draft for the new Infection Protection Act, which is to apply from autumn, has so far provided for a nationwide mask requirement on long-distance trains. The federal states should also be able to prescribe masks in local transport.

Lufthansa welcomes decision

Lufthansa welcomed the decision to fly. "How happy are our employees who no longer have to play mask police. And how happy are almost 300,000 passengers every day who no longer had to wear a mask anywhere else because every other airline ignored it," said CEO Carsten Spohr.

Aviation has been protesting for a long time against the mask requirement, which no longer applies in other everyday areas and countries. The industry also refers to efficient ventilation systems and particle filters in aircraft cabins.

Pressure from the FDP?

According to media reports, the change in the mask requirement in air traffic is said to have come about under pressure from the FDP. The Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holetschek criticized that the traffic light was ridiculous with its "confused Corona course". "Who should take the Federal Minister of Health seriously if he's already giving in to the FDP again?"

Nobody seriously denies that masks on airplanes can be an effective protection against infections. "This is especially true if everyone present is wearing a mask. In addition, it is quite reasonable for air travelers to protect themselves and above all others in this way."

The Infection Protection Act is also to stipulate nationwide that FFP2 masks must also be worn in doctor’s offices in addition to long-distance trains, clinics and nursing homes. The Bundestag is to decide on the Corona regulations for the fall this Thursday.

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