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Ethereum hits all-time high after network update

Last I heard, the coin dropped to $4,344 on Saturday, October 30th.

Ether, a capital of 520 billion dollars

This large-scale update, called Altair, is what’s called a hard fork. The hard fork permanently reorganizes the nodes of the blockchain, allowing all users to have smoother and less energy-consuming transactions. As for Altair, its implementation went smoothly. Indirectly, this is responsible for the record price increase. It was necessary to review the overall network infrastructure. According to the developers involved in the project, the network update will spawn Ethereum 2.0 sometime in 2022.

Ethereum nedir? — Bitpanda Academy

In March 2021, the asset was in a bearish phase and its price dropped to $1,700. However, Ether, which reached $520 billion in 2021, remains the second largest cryptocurrency in the world after bitcoin, whose price recently reached $67,000. Forecasts for 2022 are optimistic, and successive updates will make Ethereum an even more advanced network with less impact on the environment.

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