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For more yield and sustainable work: Digital for agriculture

Political events like the summit of the African Union and the European Union in Brussels are "diplomatic endurance races," reports euronews reporter Bryan Carter. "But apart from the table talks, events, photo ops and the intergovernmental talks, the political leaders have the opportunity to exchange views on the implementation of projects," he says.

Agreement to develop the digital landscape

Nicolas Kazadi, Finance Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, signed an agreement in Brussels with a consulting firm and the French development agency AFD. 600,000 euros will be made available for the elaboration of a state plan for the development of the digital landscape.

Rémy Riouy, Director General of the French Development Agency, explains: "It is a matter of establishing a policy and a framework in which public investments – these can be those of the Development Agency or other bodies – and, above all, private investments, unfold in an orderly manner and the expected development impact."

According to the Congolese government, the digital transition should benefit agriculture, among other things.

support for agriculture

"First of all, we have to help agriculture get back on its feet," said Kazadi. "It is decreasing, partly because we are a mining country. The government's goal is to reverse this trend, so that agriculture and related industries can return to their original places and to provide the necessities for small and large agricultural workers do to ensure that they adopt contemporary practices to increase yield," says the finance minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Sustainable systems for the food industry will also be discussed. Hunger and malnutrition remain widespread in some parts of the world. In order to implement new ways of doing things in agriculture, some changes are needed.

Make sustainable systems more visible and accessible

Paul Walton of the Africa-Europe Foundation explains: "There are a number of novel ways of doing things that could be given more prominence and made more accessible. We know that there are areas of Africa and Europe where where there are great sustainable food industry systems and low-impact farming practices, but they are barely visible and hard to access for monetary support."

Time's running. The increasing impacts of climate change are being felt, threatening food supplies and endangering millions of people.

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