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Forget Dubai! Andorra wants to become a new hotspot for influencers

Forget Dubai, shopping, desert, sand… As an influencer, life is much better in Andorra with snow and mountains – two and a half hours from Toulouse and Barcelona.

The small principality in the heart of the Pyrenees wants to become a new stronghold for digital professions thanks to its beautiful landscape and favorable tax conditions. Lifestyle expert Laia Falco, who is followed by around 170,000 people on Instagram, has been in Andorra since the beginning of 2022 and, as she says, above all enjoys the safety and quality of life here. But there are a few hurdles compared to the brand Mecca Dubai.

"The thing with the brands is a bit complicated, because it always happens that companies want to send me bags or clothes. And if you tell them please send them to Andorra, they say 'Oh no, please don't go to Andorra.' Because the matter of importing goods and customs is a bit complicated."

When it comes to luxury, Andorra can't compete with Dubai yet. The Andorran income tax is one of the lowest in Europe at a maximum of 10%. Taxation is also advantageous for companies and the self-employed.

Virginie Gergel, who has set herself the task of convincing bloggers, influencers and youtubers to move to Andorra, relies on these trump cards.

Living in Dubai: After 5 years the fun is gone

"Life in Dubai may be fun for the first few years, but after that the fun wears off. People who contact me generally do so after five years in Dubai. Because after a while they don't want anymore. Geographically, of course, the French are in first row and say – actually Andorra is perfect."

By absorbing new occupations and demographics, the 80,000-person state is looking to diversify its economy, which depends heavily on tourism, snow and local border trade – particularly popular with French people who come across the border to buy cheaper alcohol, cigarettes and perfume.

But Andorra wants visitors who stay longer…

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