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Heil wants to lure specialists with an "opportunity card".

Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil has specified plans to make it easier for foreign skilled workers to immigrate to Germany. "We need more immigration. The traffic light will present a modern immigration law for this in the fall," said Heil of the "Bild am Sonntag" (BamS) according to a preliminary report. "We are introducing an opportunity card with a transparent points system so that people who our country needs can come to us more easily."

The government wants to set a quota every year

According to Heil, the "chance card" works as follows: "Every year, depending on our needs, we set a quota for how many people can come to Germany with the chance card to look for a job or training here for a certain period of time. During this time they have to be able to secure their own livelihood."

Anyone who can show a degree recognized by Germany, regardless of whether it is an apprenticeship or a degree, immediately fulfills the condition for the "chance card". "But we also want to give people who have other strengths and who we need on the job market a chance to come to Germany," said the minister.

According to information from the newspaper, a point system is to be introduced for this, which includes four criteria: a foreign degree, professional experience of at least three years, language skills or a previous stay in Germany and, fourthly, an age under 35 years.

Those who meet three of the four criteria should get the "chance card". However, their precise form is still being coordinated within the government.

increase the employment rate of women

Heil also wants to meet the need for skilled workers with targeted training and further education for people who already live in Germany, as well as with more women in work. "We want to increase the proportion of women in employment, which at 72.1 percent is still around seven percentage points below that of men," said Heil. "If we could halve that gap, we would have gained 900,000 workers."

The economy sees an urgent need for action when it comes to the shortage of skilled workers. Gesamtmetall Managing Director Oliver Zander also warned in the "BamS" that the shortage of skilled workers is threatening "our social prosperity like mass unemployment used to be".

Two out of five companies in the metal and electrical industry complained about production impediments due to a lack of skilled workers. The German Confederation of Skilled Crafts is currently reporting a shortage of around 250,000 skilled workers.

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