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Increased activity: NATO in Romania gives friendly escort to Ukrainian plane

Fetești Air Force Base in Eastern Romania: This is where planes take off to secure NATO airspace over the Black Sea. The Romanian pilots have already deployed three times this Thursday and intercepted a Ukrainian jet. He was taken by friendly escort to Bacău Airport about 300 kilometers from Fetesti, according to Romanian commander Mihaiță Marin.

The aircraft of the QRA group, NATO's stand-by force, were tasked with intercepting an unidentified contact in northern Romania. This turned out to be a Ukrainian SU-27 or flanker, and its pilot was cooperative. He had asked to be able to land at a suitable airfield as soon as possible. The Romanian pilots then decided to escort the Ukrainian plane to the airport in Bacău, where it landed without further incident.

Marin said it was not yet clear why the pilot entered NATO airspace. In general, his troops have more to do than usual. "This year the increase in NATO troops on the eastern borders and in Romania has begun," said the pilot. "We have more activity. In the first part of the month there were more than ten airspace protection missions."

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