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Less than 60 percent of long-distance trains are on time

For the second time in a row, less than 60 percent of Deutsche Bahn long-distance trains were on time in July. As the group announced, only 59.9 percent of the journeys reached their destination on time. For comparison: In the previous month, the worst value since 2010 was reached at 58 percent.

This means that the clear downward trend since the beginning of the year has come to a halt for the time being. However, the company is a long way from the punctuality target of an average of 80 percent in the current year that was once proclaimed and has long since been collected.

Track construction work and high utilization

The group gave two reasons for the many delays in long-distance trains: construction work on the entire rail network and high utilization of the trains and the central rail routes. Both have a strong impact on the punctuality of long-distance trains.

The statistics should not yet reflect all the inconveniences of the past month with long-distance trains: The group still counts a long-distance train as punctual if it does not arrive at its destination with a delay of more than six minutes. When asked by tagesschau.de, a spokesman for the group said that canceled trains were still not included in the statistics. So if a train doesn't even leave in the first place, it doesn't show up.

Tardiness also affects regions

However, not only long-distance trains are affected by unpunctuality: travelers and employees also have to endure a lot in regional transport. According to the statistics, 89.6 percent of the trains in the segment arrived less than six minutes late and were therefore classified as punctual.

In June, the punctuality of the regional railways had already slipped to well below 90 percent – a particularly low value for this segment. The reason for this, in addition to the significantly increased demand – partly due to the 9-euro ticket – is also the current high level of sick leave, which, however, does not only affect Deutsche Bahn.

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