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Pay with Hamburg's landmark: new 2-euro coin is issued

Soon it will also be possible to pay with the "Elphi": On January 24, a new 2-euro coin with the Elbphilharmonie as a motif will be issued.

According to the Bundesbank, up to 30 million such coins are to be put into circulation. "The Elbphilharmonie is dear to us – and soon you can also pay with it," tweeted Hamburg's Finance Senator Andreas Dressel (SPD) on Wednesday. Minting is in full swing in the Hamburg Mint. "Bild" had previously reported.

According to the Bundesbank, the coin marks the start of the "Bundeslander II" series, in which a country is to be honored each year by issuing a 2-euro circulation coin with a striking symbol. The order of the countries depends on the presidency in the Bundesrat. The first Munz series "Bundeslander" was started in 2006 with Schleswig-Holstein and the motif "Holstentor". dpa

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