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Pile! woof! Tesla now accepts some Dogecoin payments

Indeed, his favorite cryptocurrency, Dogecoin (DOGE), is now the only possible means of payment for certain Tesla products.
We can’t get to the point of buying Tesla on Dogecoin yet, but…

Don’t know about Dogecoin and the legendary Shiba Inu yet? This cryptocurrency has been around for almost a decade and a little over a year since Elon Musk snooped. Tesla’s worldly CEO announced on December 14 that some of the firm’s products will be available for payment in Dogecoin. A month later, the stack is now over.
This announcement was also enough for Dogecoin to increase its value by almost 16% to reach $0.20/coin. For example, you can offer your child Cyberquad against 12,020 Dogecoins… privately. Because no other payment methods are accepted anymore in this product and others. This is why the troll (or genius) seems to have no boundaries with Elon Musk, and his opponents, who accuse him of deliberately shaking up the cryptocurrency market with his tweets, have fresh water to water their mills.

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