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Reward for energy savers?

In the debate about further relief, the energy policy spokeswoman for the SPD parliamentary group, Nina Scheer, called for a reward system for saving energy. "Every gas that we don't use now goes into storage and doesn't have to be bought at an expensive world market price," Scheer told the "Rheinische Post". This is also where the model of the energy saving bonus comes in, with which every energy saving is additionally rewarded as a bonus. In this way, "relief and savings compared to the previous year could be combined".

In order to counteract price increases and prevent shortages, energy saving is now the order of the day, Scheer continued. "This also protects jobs." The energy saving bonus and other suggestions would be discussed with the social partners in the "Concerted Action" by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD). "In any case, we will need further relief," said Scheer.

Kühnert does not want to further relieve top earners

SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert pleaded on Deutschlandfunk for more targeted relief for citizens. "No more relief for top income earners in Germany, but targeted at households that are really floundering."

When it comes to saving gas, Kühnert sees potential above all in industry. "Because it is simply more lucrative for many companies above a certain gas price to be given a compensation payment than to continue ongoing operations with energy prices that are completely overpriced," says Kühnert.

Drug for rescue Uniper with state money

In the energy crisis, the federal government is currently examining whether to support the struggling gas importer Uniper with state aid. The chairwoman of the Greens parliamentary group, Katharina Dröge, is in favor of help – but also takes the company to task.

"The stabilization of Uniper is also crucial for the stability of the municipal utilities and thus for the gas prices of consumers," said the Green politician of the newspaper "Rheinische Post". Uniper still gets a lot of gas from old contracts at more favorable conditions. However, if these ceased to exist, the prices for the public utilities would also rise.

In return, Dröge can imagine a salary waiver by the Uniper board members. "Basically, we Greens have always said that companies that receive extensive state aid must also contribute a part. That also applies to the board members."

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