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US-Canada trade disrupted

The Ambassador Bridge between Windsor and Detroit is the main artery between Canada and the USA – and one of the most important border crossings in the world. 25 percent of trade between the United States and Canada is conducted across this bridge. Concerns about the effects of the blockade on the economy and supply chains are correspondingly great.

Traffic towards Canada has largely come to a standstill since the beginning of the week. The consequences are already being felt in the auto industry and in the food sector, said Canadian Transport Minister Alghabra in Parliament in Ottawa. Even if many truck drivers swerve around 110 kilometers to the north via the Blue Water Bridge. Traffic is backed up there, causing delays of at least five hours.

Supply chains broken

Canadian Association of Auto Suppliers President Flavio Volpe said protesters had no right to block the roads. He wonders how many are truck drivers at all. Because the trucker unions and logistics companies are against the blockades.

Rather, it is a "collection of anti-government provocateurs". Even a delay of a few hours can have a serious impact on supply chains.

Protests continue in other parts of Canada. Truck drivers and supporters have paralyzed public life in the Canadian capital Ottawa for twelve days. The local police chief speaks of a "state of siege". For days, residents have been complaining about incessant honking and diesel exhaust.

Protest is directed against government in general

Truck drivers began protesting vaccination requirements when crossing the US border in early January. In the meantime, the demonstrations have grown into a general protest against the Trudeau government and its Corona policy.

Trudeau expressed understanding for the frustration of many people. Canadians have the right to disagree with their government and to protest. But they have no right to block the economy, democracy or the daily life of their fellow citizens. The prime minister said that had to stop.

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