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Viktor Orban: "With Merkel and Trump there would have been no war"

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban sees himself in a fight with the West, which wants to impose the wrong sanctions policy and foreign values on his country.

Orban has criticized the West for ignoring Russia's security claims ahead of Russia's war against Ukraine. "With US President Trump and Chancellor Merkel, this war would never have happened," he said.

Speaking to thousands of supporters in the Romanian resort town of Baile Tusnad, Orban said the strength and prestige of Western civilization was on the wane.

Orban said: "There is a war, an energy crisis and inflation, and it all blinds us and blinds us to the issues on which our future depends, which are immigration and gender roles. Those two issues are the battlefields of the future. Like this one Battles – and these are fights between left and right – go out, that determines the future."

Orban has governed the EU country of Hungary since 2010. Orban is in conflict with the European Union over the dismantling of democracy and the rule of law. Several procedures are currently underway against Hungary, including one under the new Rule of Law Mechanism, which could lead to the withdrawal of EU funding.

In Romania's Baile Tusnad, which belonged to Hungary until 1918, Orban's Fidesz party has held a summer academy for more than 30 years. Orban, who traditionally gives the closing speech, also lashed out against the EU. He accused Brussels of allowing itself to be guided by a host of US investor George Soros, who was pulling the strings. The Hungarian-born billionaire and Holocaust survivor has been the enemy of the right-wing government in Budapest for years.

"They should live how they want, but they should also let us live how we want," Orban demanded, alluding to EU infringement proceedings over a Hungarian law that restricts information rights about homosexuals and transsexuals.

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