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Virtual yacht sold on metaverse for $650,000 as NFT

Virtual luxury at a high price

In addition to this historic sale, over 100 private islands were sold in less than 24 hours in the game.
It is often said that the two most enjoyable days in a boat owner’s life are the day he buys and sells the boat. We wonder if this saying also applies to the owner of this virtual yacht called Meta Flower. It is designed based on the Ethereum blockchain, which concentrates most of the Non-Fongible Tokens today.

This NFT, which is auctioned on OpenSea, is a very unpleasant pixelated structure, except for its price. Republic Realm Studios is a pioneer in digital real estate, and they’ve put up for sale over 100 private candidates in The Sandbox game, which individually sold for $280,000.

NFT’s series Fantasy Islands sold out in less than 24 hours. And as with traditional real estate, the metaverse real estate includes contracts and loans. As such, Lendtek, a loan company, will be the first to provide business loans to future buyers of the metaverse.

Sandbox, a metadata store that breaks all records

The value of the linked token (sand), an ERC-20 Sandbox, has doubled in the last two weeks to reach €6. Thanks to this token, players can buy NFT on the site. Such tokens will experience tremendous growth in the coming years as metaverse projects evolve.

Judging by the number of stars investing in virtual real estate, The Sandbox game is starting to look a little like the affluent neighborhoods of Hollywood. Snoop Dogg already has a mansion there, and music producers like DeadMau5 and Ritchie Hawtin do DJ sets there. Other lands have been bought by brands like Adidas or Binance, and there are even symbolic figures from the NTF world, such as the primates of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

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