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What passengers can do

At many airports, chaos is raging: Endless queues for luggage check-in, check-in and security checks are a tough test of patience for many holidaymakers before they set off on their journey. It is not uncommon for flights to be missed because of this. The Frankfurt airport operator Fraport has therefore now made recommendations on how travelers can help alleviate the chaotic situation.

Passengers can assist

"We are pleased that people are flying on vacation again. However, the dynamic increase in traffic continues to present us with major challenges," explains Fraport Manager Alexander Laukenmann. The passengers could also speed up the processes themselves. "Both departing and arriving passengers have to be prepared for longer waiting times at the various process points," says Laukenmann.

"We ask our passengers for their understanding, but also for active support. Because with the right preparation, each and every one of us can help to reduce waiting times," he made clear. In principle, everyone must plan enough time for check-in and passenger controls. "We therefore ask our guests to be in the terminal at least 2.5 hours before departure and to go through the security checks quickly."

Prepare the trip optimally

The airport operator points out that the perfect preparation for your trip begins at home. Even if the entry regulations related to the pandemic have been relaxed or completely abolished in many destinations, passengers should find out about possible travel and safety regulations in the destination country. This also applies to the return journey and arrival in Germany. With the travel assistant at Frankfurt Airport, passengers can find all information at a glance.

The respective airline determines the amount and the permissible weight of the luggage. "When packing, for example, the following applies: rechargeable batteries, power banks, e-cigarettes, lighters and matches belong in your hand luggage. When it comes to hand luggage, please reduce it to the essentials and, if possible, only take one bag per person with you," recommends Laukenmann. In addition, passengers relieve the processes if they use the early-evening or online check-in offered by many airlines. This saves you time at the airport on the day of departure and you can go straight through the security check.

Well organized to the airport

When arriving in their own car, passengers should reserve a parking space in one of the multi-storey car parks near the terminal in advance – because the car parks are very busy, especially in the summer months. This saves time, secures an assigned parking space and is cheaper than pulling a ticket at the barrier. Arriving by public transport is also an alternative. "Frankfurt Airport is well connected to the Deutsche Bahn network. Regional and long-distance coaches stop centrally at the terminals," says Fraport.

For passengers who have not been able to check in online at home, automated check-in terminals are available on site next to the often busy counters. Suitcases can also be checked in automatically. The menu navigation is self-explanatory, and if you have any questions, airport staff are on hand to advise you, Fraport says.

"Please keep all necessary documents such as identity papers, travel documents and, if necessary, vaccination or test certificates clearly arranged and ready to hand at all process points," emphasizes Laukenmann. "Help at the security checkpoints to speed up the inspection process. Sort your hand luggage beforehand: laptops, smartphones and other electronic devices must be unpacked, belts removed and trouser pockets emptied."

Baggage claim can also take time

Fraport points out that due to the high number of passengers, it can also take longer to hand over luggage. "If you have checked in a suitcase, plan ahead waiting times for your journey home, when booking train tickets and when making appointments with people who will collect you," explains Laukenmann. Collectors should only use the short-term parking spaces at the terminal if they can guarantee an exit within ten minutes.

Even higher passenger numbers expected

In the coming days, Frankfurt Airport is expecting the strongest influx of passengers since the beginning of the corona pandemic. On the first holiday weekend in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate (July 22 to 24) and on other peak days, the airport operator Fraport expects up to 200,000 passengers per day. That is about 75 percent of the pre-crisis level. Up to 1,250 planes with 285 destinations take off and land in Frankfurt every day.

At the largest German airport there had been problems in the past few weeks because there was a lack of staff in the ground handling services. Baggage often could not be loaded in time, so that according to Fraport, four-digit numbers of pieces of baggage were left behind and had to be forwarded.

In June, five million passengers at Frankfurt Airport meant the highest monthly figure since the Corona outbreak, but at the same time it was still almost a quarter less than in June 2019. In order to rectify the situation, Lufthansa has closed at its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich for the summer months Almost 6,000 flights canceled in July and August.

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