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"Rama" is the sham of the year

"Rama" is the "cheat pack of the year" 2022. Since last year, the spreadable fat from the manufacturer Upfield has been sold with 400 instead of 500 grams for the same price in a can of the same size. The product was 25 percent more expensive, as criticized by the Hamburg consumer advice center.

Every year it organizes the election of the "deceptive package of the year". This time, 34,293 people voted online about the award of the negative prize, which is twice as many participants as in the previous year, as the consumer advice center further announced.

Poorly communicated volume cuts

According to the consumer advice center, the “Leerdammer” sliced cheese came in second place as a deceptive package. Its content shrank from 160 to 140 grams, although "permanently 1 slice more" had been promised.

The water softener "Calgon", the "Goldbären" from Haribo and "Pringles" chips took third to fifth place. Here, too, poorly communicated quantity reductions or a different dosage recommendation ("Calgon") were reasons for a nomination.

"Price transparency more important than ever"

The list of nominees goes back to tips and complaints from the past year. "Price transparency is more important than ever, especially in times of crisis like these, when the cost of living has risen sharply," says consumer advocate Armin Valet. In the past year, significantly more references to "less-in tricks" were received from companies, it said.

The Hamburg consumer advice center called on the legislature to better protect consumers from hidden price increases. Stricter rules are needed: Packages had to be full, only in exceptional cases should a technically necessary air space be allowed. With reduced filling quantities, the packs had to be correspondingly smaller, demanded the consumer advice center.

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