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Cyber spying companies are banned on Meta platforms

According to Meta’s new report, around 50,000 users may receive information about “bad accommodation activity”.

The company will be calculated with the information that the students will target, and accounts will be created with the students to be targeted.

In the Meta report, which states that it targets people who watch what is written about this person and people, it monitors their activities for months by following the departure of 1,500 photos on Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

According to Meta, it’s not a crowd of more than 100 people for an event that could be this big.

Earlier this year, war software called Pegasus also emerged from disappointing dreams because of Whatsapp; Facebook has announced that it will initiate a sale against it. NSO Group, the owner of Pegasus, was also blacklisted by the US government and accused of trying to act on behalf of foreign governments.

“The monitoring and enforcement industry is much larger than a company,” Nathaniel Gleicher, head of metasecurity policy, said in the presentation of the new report.

Among the companies that Meta announced by naming is a company from Israel called Black Cube.

Making a statement to Reuters, Black Cube denied the allegations of “hacking and stalking with illegal activity”; He argued that “its activities are locally compatible”.

According to Meta’s seer, it will automatically receive a “bad target” warning from banned target to targeted target.

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