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Here is the little autonomous robot Scout that can entertain your kids and pets

The American company Moorebot, already known for its small combat robot ZEUS, has introduced its latest innovation. This is Moorebot Scout, a small autonomous robot on wheels powered by artificial intelligence that allows us to watch, explore and explore the world around us. With its attractive design, it resembles a toy that can amuse young, old and pets alike.

Scout, the smart 4-wheel drive robot companion

We present you Scout. This small robot (70 mm x 100 mm x 110 mm) is sold by Moorebot as the world’s first autonomous domestic robot with intelligent surveillance systems. Thanks to its FHD 1080p camera with night vision, it can move forward without blind spots and is quite agile.

Scout can perform different functions from the top of the all-wheel drive system. A smart camera can be a fun and inspiring educational toy for kids or a companion for pets. When fully charged, its Li-on battery allows it to work for 2 hours.
Equipped with LED flashlight and night vision, the robot can monitor a house, office or workplace remotely, especially by getting under furniture and positioning itself in hard-to-reach areas. The “patrol” mode, which leaves the robot free to look around and monitor an entire place, promises to be interesting. All thanks to monocular SLAM algorithms useful for simultaneous mapping and localization.

The Scout also has object recognition and can track and interact with people and animals using its visual and auditory intelligence. With Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration, it can be operated using voice control, and the images it captures can then be viewed on devices that support Alexa and Google Home.

A customizable robot to introduce programming to kids and adults

Scout also has the advantage of being customizable thanks to its Scratch system, a visual block-based programming language that allows for the creation of new functions. Both kids and adults will be able to create their own unique apps through Scout without any computer training or coding.
Moorebot also states that the robot code is open source, allowing developers to integrate even more complex features. For example, it is quite possible to imagine placing on the robot a treat for pets or even arms.

The robot is equipped in all cases with a 1.2 GHz Quad ARM processor, 1 GB DDR III memory and 4 GB flash memory.

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