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New Year’s Eve fun in Uludağ starts from 3 thousand liras

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The season has started in Uludağ, which has an altitude of 2 thousand 543 in Bursa. While the rain continued at intervals in the region, the snow thickness reached 30 centimeters in places. Rainfall is expected to increase the effect of the weekend. New Year’s preparations continue in Uludağ, which has a total of 17 hotels and facilities and a capacity of 5 thousand beds. The reservation rate in hotels exceeded 50 percent despite the re-determination of accommodation fees.

Uludağ'da yılbaşı eğlencesi 3 bin liradan başlıyor

Harbi Türk, one of the hotel managers, stated that the interest was intense this season. Stating that the occupancy rate of the hotels will reach 100 percent at the beginning of the year, Türk said: “We are very happy to start the season with snow. We opened our hotel last week. All hotels will open this weekend. With the onset of snowfall, all operators are concentrating on the New Year.

Our occupancy rates for the New Year are going well. It’s over 40-50 percent. If the snowfall continues, it approaches 80 percent. After Christmas comes the semester. Weekends are not empty either. In terms of demand, I can say that it is better than last year. This year, we have many more guests who want to ski and spend the winter holidays. At the moment, the demands are good, we are happy.”

Uludağ'da yılbaşı eğlencesi 3 bin liradan başlıyor

Stating that there is a high demand from abroad, Türk said, “There is a demand mainly from domestic tourists, but there are mostly guests from the Russian region, which we call the CIS market. There is interest from Ukraine, the Balkans and Romania. As always, demand from Europe is high. Our Middle Eastern guests can’t give up on Uludag either,” he said.

Providing information about the accommodation fees in Uludağ, Türk said: “Our facility and most of the facilities in Uludağ work with full board plus. Our price per person per night at the beginning of the year is 3 thousand liras. This includes the New Year’s Eve gala. Our guests can stay for 2 and 3 nights.
After New Year’s Eve, during the semester, prices per person start from 2 thousand 500 liras. In December, the price per person on the weekend is 1,500 lira, on weekdays it is thousand lira. In January, accommodation prices per person vary between 1,500 TL and 2 thousand TL.

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