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"Potentially Dangerous Asteroid" discovered

An international team of astronomers has discovered an asteroid about 1.5 kilometers across that, in the worst case scenario, could collide with Earth and devastate it in the distant future. 2022 AP7 is the largest asteroid "discovered in the past eight years that is potentially dangerous for Earth," said the research group Noirlab.

Asteroid very far away

"2022 AP7 is crossing Earth's orbit, making it a potentially dangerous asteroid," study lead author Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science told AFP. However, the danger is low because the asteroid normally crosses its orbit very far from Earth.

The threat, then, is that like any asteroid, 2022 AP7's trajectory will be slowly altered due to gravitational forces, particularly from planets. It is therefore difficult to make forecasts over a very long period of time.

It will take 2022 AP7 five years to orbit the Sun on its current orbit, still remaining several million kilometers from the blue planet at its closest point.

Collision had "devastating effects"

The risk of a collision with Earth is purely hypothetical, but such a "devastating effect on life as we know it," Sheppard said. Dust thrown into the atmosphere would block sunlight, cooling the planet and triggering a mass extinction.

According to the researchers, most asteroids of this size have already been discovered. But 2022 AP7 was hiding in an area where sunlight is usually too bright for telescopes. 2022 AP7 was discovered along with two other near-Earth asteroids using a high-tech instrument on the Victor M. Blanco telescope in Chile, which was originally developed to study dark matter.

Guide dangerous asteroids past Earth

Sheppard and his team's findings were published in The Astronomical Journal. The other two asteroids pose no risk to Earth, they say, but one of them is the closest asteroid to the sun ever found.

In order to steer a dangerous asteroid past Earth in an emergency, NASA successfully carried out a test mission at the end of September: They deliberately allowed a space probe to collide with a harmless asteroid, thereby changing its trajectory.

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