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Where is Damlataş Cave and How to Go? How Was Damlataş Cave Formed?

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Damlataş Cave is one of the places that attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists and should be seen by everyone. If you are looking for different places to visit and see, you should definitely add Damlataş Cave to your travel list.

Where is Damlataş Cave?

Damlataş cave is only one of the famous caves in our country. It is a cave that is especially interesting because it is good for asthma patients. It is also a matter of curiosity where exactly the cave is located. Those who want to go and see the cave can provide an easier transportation by researching the location of the cave beforehand.

Damlataş Cave is located in Antalya. Antalya, a seaside city, is also home to many natural caves. Damlataş Cave is in Alanya, one of the famous towns of Antalya. If we give its exact location, it is 3 km away from the city center and is located near the Alanya castle.

To reach Damlataş Cave, it will be sufficient to move towards the west of Alanya Castle. Damlataş Cave is located on the seaside of Alanya. Damlataş Cave has an important geographical location. Because Damlataş Cave is close to both the seaside and Alanya Castle, which is an important structure. In addition, another most important feature of the cave is that it is the first cave opened to tourism in Turkey.

How to Go to Damlataş Cave?

Damlataş Cave is a cave that should be visited by everyone. The cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites, and in order to go, you must first reach the Alanya district of Antalya’s city. Alanya, where Turkey’s important natural beauties are located, is also known for its Damlataş Cave. The first way to go to the cave, Mersin Antalya highway can be followed straight.

You can reach this cave, which is located on the seaside, by following the Mersin-Antalya road through the town of Alanya. Another way to reach Damlataş Cave is to reach Alanya, which is 3 km away from the center, and then go to the Bazaar, Damlataş Street. You can find Damlataş Cave here. Every year there is an influx of tourists to the cave. The cave attracts attention because it is the first cave opened to tourism.

How Was Damlataş Cave Formed?

It is known that Damlataş Cave was formed approximately 15 thousand years ago. In addition, another important information about Damlataş Cave is that the cave is formed by rain water and sea water. There is a constant temperature inside the cave. The cave consists of stalactites and stalagmites. The stalactites and stalagmites begin to flow into the cave by accumulating on the ceiling of the cave as a result of the pouring rain.

On the ceiling of the cave, which has a calcareous structure, this water flows inward over time, forming stalactites. According to another information, sea water erodes the rocks over time and provides the formation of the cave.

Damlataş Cave is one of the important natural beauties of both our country and the Mediterranean Region. Thousands of tourists come to the region every year, especially during summer and holiday periods, to see the cave. The fact that it is close to the Alanya Castle in the region also increases the geographical importance of the cave. Although the history of the cave dates back to 15 thousand years ago, Damlataş Cave was discovered in 1948.

Damlataş Cave, which has completed its development process, is a fossil cave. Although limestone is encountered in the formation of the cave, it has formed over the years and has taken its present form. The cave was discovered as a result of a gunpowder explosion in the quarry opened in 1948 to be used in port construction. As a result of the excavations and researches carried out in the region opened as a result of this explosion, the cave was found and the necessary studies were carried out and started to serve for tourism.

From the completion of the cave formation to this day, thousands of stalagmite and stalagmite formations have been observed. The temperature in the cave does not change in summer or winter. It is 22 degrees every season. In addition, the humidity rate in the cave is quite high, 95%. Thanks to its many features, the cave is a cure for asthma patients.

The cave, with its stalactites and stalagmites of different lengths, each more beautiful than the other, has been under protection since the day it was discovered. Having such a beauty, the naturally formed Damlataş Cave is a beauty that should be discovered by everyone who goes to Antalya.

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