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Yedikule Dungeons (Yedikule Fortress)

Information About Yedikule Dungeons

Although it is called a dungeon, its purpose was to welcome foreign kings and dignitaries from foreign countries in a magnificent manner. M.S. Between 413 and 439, King II. The construction of this magnificent building, which was completed in the period of Theodosios, took its present form after the conquest of Istanbul.

The building, which was also used as a prison for a while before the Conquest of Istanbul, was used as a prison, mint, art house, zoo from time to time during the Ottoman Empire Period, and even the Ottoman Treasury was kept here for a while.

The museum, which was attached to the Istanbul Hisarlar Museum Directorate in 1968, was transferred to a private company in 2004, but the decision was canceled by a court decision and its status was ensured to be preserved. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the fortress today due to the maintenance works. It is thought that the venue, which has hosted many open-air concerts in the past years, will be opened to visitors and concerts in the near future.

Although Yedikule Dungeons is an open-air museum, sections such as the Bloody Well, the room where Young Osman was executed, the Golden Gate and the dungeon towers still seem to preserve the evil spirit it had hundreds of years ago and will introduce you to the dark side of history in a way.

Yedikule Dungeons and Seven Towers

The reason why the dungeons are called Yedikule is because there are 7 different towers here and each one has a story.

Dungeon Tower
True to its name, it is a tower used as a dungeon as it can be understood. Due to the fires, the wooden floors were severely damaged.

Young Osman Tower
It got this unfortunate name because it was the place where Young Osman was killed.

Treasure Tower
It is the tower where the treasures of the Ottoman Empire are kept.

III. Ahmet Tower
Unfortunately, this tower was destroyed due to the earthquake and could not stand. III, who personally supported the making of his name. He gets it from Ahmet.

Armory Tower
It was used as an arsenal for a long time.

Flag Tower
It is the strongest of the towers and has survived to this day in a very good condition. It is the tower just above the gate known as the Golden Gate in Byzantine times and known as the entrance of the kings. Its name has survived to the present day as the Flag Tower, as the Janissaries stood guard here and the sanjak was located here.

Ball Tower
It has been used as a prison for a long time in history. Unfortunately, it was heavily damaged in the fire.

Are Yedikule Dungeons Open?
The museum is open to visitors. You can now visit with a guide with online reservation. Restoration is ongoing and some parts of the museum may be closed.

Yedikule Dungeons Entrance Fee
Entry to the dungeons is free. You can visit the dungeons that are currently open for free by making an online appointment with a guide. You can make an appointment at this address. Reservation address gives error SSL error but still works.

Where are Yedikule Dungeons?
Yedikule Fortress and Dungeons is a very large structure stretching from Bakırköy Sahil to Sarayburnu. There are several different alternatives for transportation;

How to go?
If you want to go to Yedikule Dungeons by bus, 80T from Taksim, 80 from Eminönü, BN1 and BN2 and 80B from Beyazıt will take you to Yedikule Bus Stop.

To go to Yedikule Dungeons by Marmaray, you can get off at Kazlıçeşme Stop and reach the fortress and dungeons with a short walk.

Those who want to go by personal vehicle will easily reach the fort and dungeons if they follow the signs of the coast road or Abdi İpekçi Sports Hall by exiting the Topkapı exit while going from Mecidiyeköy direction to Atatürk Airport on the E-5.

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