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6 people detained in a raid on a news website in Hong Kong

Six people were detained in the raid, which was attended by 200 police officers, against the news website Stand News. Hong Kong police seized computers and news documents found in the news site’s office, using their authority to confiscate under the controversial “security law” passed earlier last year.

The police said that 6 people who were arrested were detained on the grounds that they were making provocative broadcasts and that the search continues in the houses of the individuals.

6 detainees could be sentenced to 2 years in prison and a fine of $640.

Hong Kong'da bir haber sitesine baskında 6 kişiye gözaltı - Gazete Konya

While the police did not reveal the names of those detained, it was stated that two editors who worked for Stand News, as well as singer Denise Ho and former MP Margaret Ng, who served on the board of directors, were among those detained.

Stand News Editor Ronson Chan shared his followers on his social media account with a video he shot that he was detained and then released. Chan said the police also confiscated his press card and electronic equipment.

Benedict Rogers, the co-founder and CEO of the non-governmental organization Hong Kong Watch, said that raids and detentions on news organizations limited freedom of the press and this was an attack.

The raids and arrests on news outlets stem from the Chinese government’s efforts to prevent opposition movements and riots.

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