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Last Minute: Putin called on the Ukrainian army to stage a coup: Overthrow the Zelensky administration

Russian President Putin evaluated the latest developments between Russia and Ukraine at the Security Council. Stating how effective the Russian military is, Putin claimed that Ukraine uses civilians as shields. Calling the Ukrainian army for a coup, Putin said, “Take the power, it will be easier to agree with you than with the neo-Nazis.”

Putin’s statements are as follows:

“Our soldiers are doing their job professionally. Our heroes ensure the security of our people and our homeland. We see that they provide presence in central parts of cities, including Kiev.


We are currently fighting the nationalists. Apart from this, according to the information we received, neo-Nazis are also making very active explosions in city centers. Their plan is to have Russian soldiers open fire on civilians and make a scene. They are provoking. They do this to say we shot civilians. They probably get information from foreign consultants and US consultants.


Shout out to the Ukrainian soldiers. Don’t let these nationalists use you. Better to talk to you than to these neo-Nazis. I think we can get along well with you, but of course we won’t get along with these drug addicts and neo-Nazis, those filths that surround you.


Once again, I appeal to the Ukrainian Army. Don’t let them use you as a human shield. Compromise will be easy if the Ukrainian army overthrows the government.

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