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Home World The images had gone viral… The offending passenger was an old mannequin!

The images had gone viral… The offending passenger was an old mannequin!

Jose Gimenez scored in the 90th minute for Uruguay vs Egypt in the World Cup 2018 Group A match.

Social media has been talking about Delta passenger Patricia Cornwall for days.

It turned out that the American woman, who did not fall off the agenda with her fight on a plane from Tampa to Atlanta, is a former model.

According to the news in the Daily Mail, it turned out that Cornwall, who was arrested by the FBI on assault charges, was a model for a period and was a former cheerleader in the Las Vegas Raiders.

According to the same news in the British newspaper, the offensive passenger also took minor roles in some movies.


The woman, who shouted at an 80-year-old passenger on the grounds that she was not wearing her mask, caused tense moments in the plane in a short time.

While it was seen that the passenger, who was warned by Cornwall, was eating at that time, the flight crew intervened when the woman hit the man, spitting and swearing.

While it was seen that Cornwall himself was not wearing a mask, it was reported that other passengers and flight crew members were injured during the discussion.


The fight that broke out on the Delta Airlines plane was recorded second by second by the passengers around, and the images quickly went viral.

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