Friday , 1 December 2023
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Uniswap Community Considers Proposal to Enable Liquidity Pool Fees and Reward Token Holders

Monetizing Uniswap’s Platform: Enabling fees on Uniswap’s version-three (v3) liquidity pools and all version-two (v2) pools...


Threshold Network Collaborates with Wormhole to Enable Bitcoin Bridging Across 20 Blockchains

tBTC and the Benefits of Wormhole Integration: tBTC serves as a tokenized representation of Bitcoin, allowing...


Lido Community Considers On-Chain Vote to Launch Version 2 on Ethereum

Key Features of Lido Version 2 on Ethereum: Lido’s Twitter account refers to version 2 as...

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Tesla Analyst Dan Ives Says Shareholders Have a Reason to Rejoice

Positive Impact on Tesla: Ives views Yaccarino’s appointment as a significant positive, as it removes a...

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Uber Stock Pulls Back, Offering a Buying Opportunity. Here’s Where to Look.

Uber’s Dominance and Recent Performance: When comparing Uber with Lyft, it becomes evident that Uber has...

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Netflix Stock Lags Behind FAANG Peers in 2023. Can it Catch Up?

Netflix’s Relative Performance: Despite a 15% return in less than five months, Netflix has been outperformed...

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Disney Shares: When to Capitalize on the Post-Earnings Downturn

Disney disclosed in-line earnings, marking a roughly 14% dip compared to the same quarter of the...

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Adidas Reveals Plan for Remaining Yeezy Stock Following Split with Kanye West

Adidas, the globally recognized sports brand, has finally disclosed its strategy for the vast stockpile of...

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Boeing Stock Awaits Liftoff: Can It Clear Crucial $206 Level to Reclaim 2023 Highs After Ryanair’s $40 Billion Boost?

Boeing's stock has been under the microscope recently, as investors watch closely for signs of a...