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Global Economy

Liquefied natural gas from Japan: EU wants to reduce dependence on Russia

Japan has initiated liquefied natural gas supplies to the European Union and the United States. In view of the tense relationship with Russia,...

Global Economy

How the EU countries should save gas

Concerned about a possible gas shortage in autumn or winter, the EU Commission has officially proposed its European gas emergency plan to reduce...

Global Economy

At Meta, business is shrinking

Facebook parent company Meta has reported its first decline in sales since going public ten years ago, blaming the weak economy. Meta does...

Global Economy

The federal and state governments agree on the opening plan

During their consultations on the Corona situation, the leaders of the federal and state governments agreed to withdraw most of the restrictions. Chancellor...

Global Economy

Can we soon grow climate-resilient crops?

Our monthly climate change update looks at how to feed the world on a warmer planet. The production of important crops such as...

Global Economy

Experts expect even higher inflation

Because of the war in Ukraine, experts expect consumer prices to rise even more this year. This is the result of an estimate...